Kids’ Ice Cream

Hey parents&guardians of kids coming to Baitcon!

We will once again be setting aside time & space & assistance for kids 0-14 to flavors.

This year this will happen from 4p.-5:30p. on Saturday.

All the details are here: and we ask that you & your family read that page before arriving at Baitcon.

We wanted to highlight an Important change this year:


Flavors made during the Kids Ice Cream Creation & Cool session will ONLY be served during the Sunday 3p. Kids Ice Cream Social. 

To be clear, this means kids cannot have their batch divided for serving Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  Please be sure to share that information with your kid(s).

If your kid wants to make something for the main Running of the Flavors (whether instead of or in addition to a flavor made for the Kids Ice Cream Social), he/she should make their flavor at a different time (or bring it pre-mixed from home), label it & have it frozen any time before 3p. on Saturday.  The supplies we provide for Kids Ice Cream (sprinkles and such) are not available for general use.  Anything labeled for Kids Ice Cream will ONLY be served on Sunday at 3p.

If you want to be sure to get a taste of your kid’s flavor, we suggest you hang out near the freeze-tent while he/she is finishing their flavor and dip your spoon into whatever tasty concoction your kid has made while it is still in its soft-serve state!