Pictures of Baitcons Past

We would like to post pictures of Baitcon on this site. Anyone who does want pictures of themselves up on this page, please let us know. We will remove any pictures WE host here of people who don’t want to appear online upon request. For the most part, these are hosted elsewhere and we do not control them, though.

See also: Photography

If you have pictures, we’d like to buy a duplicate set for the Baitcon album, or put up a pointer to them if they are on the web, so please contact us!

These are all the Baitcon photos that are online that we know about. Are there more? Do you have pix for us to scan for you? Let us know at*.
(To be explicit: we seem to have none from 4, 5, 7-10, or 13 and would particularly like those.)

As well, mail us at* if you appear in pictures that you want removed and can’t figure out how to contact the appropriate person and we’ll try to help.

What with the passage of time and such, some of these links are stale. Please contact us at* if you have new pointers for us. Thanks!