WHY? – A little Q&A or FAQ of sorts…

3 nights? Really?
Yep. We’ve liked the 4-day Baitcons so much, we’re continuing the tradition! We love the relaxation that having 2 full days between the unpacking and repacking gives. You are welcome to join us for as much of the time between Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon as works for your schedule.  There will again be two ice cream servings (instead of one). And there will just be more time to enjoy everything and everyone.
Who or what is BCC?
The Baitcon Con Com are a group of amazing, dedicated folks who assist with the planning, management, and running of Baitcon. Like all of you great folks who volunteer some of your time to help us, we couldn’t do it without them. Often, they wear badges to help new attendees know who to ask about “official” things. We have a list of them here
Why isn’t there a “cooking” or “meal prep” option in the volunteer question on the reg page?
To avoid crowds and confusion, meal-prep help will be recruited before Baitcon by the chefs.  If we end up short and need more help, we’ll put a call out before each meal-prep shift.
Why are new folks required to know a host or previous attendee?
We love meeting new people at Baitcon, but part of the feel of the event is the chain of connections between everything & everyone there. In order maintain that, we try to make sure that everyone knows someone else before they get there. As well, Baitcon is a private event.  We welcome newcomers but if they don’t know know a host (JB, Kimberly or any member of BCC) or a previous attendee, it’s hard to figure out who they are. 🙂
Please contact us BEFORE you invite someone.  We’d vastly prefer that you attend if you are inviting a new person this year – if you’re new to our event, it helps to have a “buddy” at Baitcon.
Why are there so many signs at Baitcon?
To provide info on things, convey rules, etc. without answering the same question over and over again. Think of them as a printed FAQ. 😉
Why isn’t ALL the camping space flat?
We can probably find a geologist to help answer this for you. (Yes, we really DO get asked this.)
Is Baitcon like Burning Man or Firefly or Falcon Ridge Folk Festival or Spirit Fire or…?
No. Each event is unique. And we cherish that. In specific:

  • We don’t offer (very much) programming or guided spiritual work.
  • We are smaller than those events.
  • We don’t burn structures nor encourage theme camps.

… to name a few.
There are many differences. Stay open to each event being unique and remember that Baitcon is what you make it!  If you have a great idea for something to do at Baitcon, let us know!

Does Baitcon make a profit?
We are a not-for-profit, private event. We’ve had a small surplus exactly four years during our 26-year run. That surplus was used to clean the carpets, buy gear or pay the site deposit for the next year. Most years, we just break even thanks to extra donations from wonderful folks and extra money contributed by JB, Kimberly and other BCC folks. Some years, we’ve ended up in the red.
Javascript? WordPress? CSS? OMGWTFBBQ?
Yes, it uses javascript and php and databases and all sorts of semi-modern bells and whistles, but unless and until you head offsite to pay via PayPal, every bit of your data is kept only on our machine.