Welcome to the Baitcon pages!

Baitcon XxX

At Last!

Will Be Held 28 June-1 July 2024†.

at the

Mountain Campground of the Abode of the Message.

Here is the Invitation

I don’t know what happened to Posts such that they’re not visible anymore, but things I’ve said as Posts:

I do NOT understand Zazzle’s store design choices, but… https://www.zazzle.com/store/baitcon There is one piece of art (<3 <3 <3 to Sarah Morrison) in various ink colors. I think with most of them you should be able to choose any underlying print item – esp. different shapes and weights of shirts – and color you want. If there’s some combo you can’t make for yourself, let me know and I’ll build a new “product”.

Covid Policy

The following items are mandatory for admittance to Baitcon
* You’ve had at least 2 doses of covid vaccine, it’s been at least 2
weeks since your 2nd dose, and you’ve had at least one dose of the
2023-24 vaccine (if you have a medical exception issue, don’t hesitate
to get in touch with us)
* Test at home within 24 hours of arrival
* Test Negative a second time upon arrival: Rapid Antigen Self Test
will be provided in a Test location to be determined
* Masks Mandatory until you complete your negative test and are
cleared to proceed up the mountain and/or set up
* Notify med staff and test if you start to feel ill during the weekend
Masking isn’t required after arrival, but we recognize that some
people might feel more comfortable with extra protection. Indoor areas
— the “living room”, bathrooms, and kitchen — are likely to be spots
where some people may want to mask.
Except: people who have a known exposure (but who are asymptomatic and
testing negative) must wear a mask in shared enclosed spaces.
Refunds will be provided for anyone who tests positive before/at the event.
If you or a family/household member isn’t able to be vaccinated,
please contact med-{year}@baitcon.org
If you have a family member for whom testing is unusually difficult,
please contact med-{year}@baitcon.org

If you have any questions or ideas, please send them to bcc at baitcon dot org(*)  via email or comment on the Baitcon FB or DW.

Please note that if you have not been to a Baitcon before, you must:

  • know a host or previous attendee
  • contact us in advance BEFORE registering for this year’s Baitcon
  • register in advance

 What is Baitcon?

Baitcon is a private event for JB’s friends and various tribes/communities. Each summer, a camping party is held in (or near) the mountains of eastern New York. A large multi-generational social tribe attends and enjoys nature, many kinds of homemade ice cream (flavors are any or all of: creative, odd, innovative, different, bizarre, classic, and (usually) GOOD), decent food (available both in meat and veg selections), music, drumming, stargazing, frolicking in the mountains, and general silliness.

Contact us at the “info” email address (ALL BAITCON EMAIL ADDRESSES should be suffixed with “-2024”. I hate spammers).

Our brief history of Baitcon will tell you not nearly enough about how we got started and give you some (maybe) interesting statistics. You can also find pictures of some past Baitcons here.

(Anyone who wants to interview JB and the rest of BCC to put together a better history of Baitcon should contact JB. He’s been embarrassed by his half-assedness in this respect for years.)

(PLEASE!! Anyone who has pictures not linked above should send a link to JB, or tell him where to download an archive of said pictures to be hosted on our server.)

  • Email addresses are all {address}-{this year}@baitcon.org

†Yes, we know Firefly starts literally the next day. We’re sorry. These things happen, as there aren’t nearly enough weekends in the summer. **

** This note was already here from a previous year. The more things change…