Arrival & Parking

Arrival Times

You are welcome to arrive any time after 2p. on Friday. Do NOT arrive early, please.  No really.  Do NOT arrive early.  We need the road and drop-off area clear for delivery trucks.

Carpool! Carpool! Carpool!

Please carpool. Parking is LIMITED, gas is expensive, and it’s better for the environment. See the Baitcon FB group if you need or can offer a ride. CARPOOL!!!!!

Dropoff & Parking Locations

New for 2024: Covid testing

Someplace near the top of the hill – to be precisely determined on Thursday and clearly signed after that – will be an area for folks to stop and covid test before they unload and bury their car. Look for the signs. They’ll be there. As will a delightful and friendly crew member.

Anyway… The road leading to the campground is a steep, one-lane road with the parking area (a semi-circle) off to the side of this road before you reach the top. We will be directing traffic so that cars are able to drive up to the mountain campground, drop their stuff, label your car with your name so we can find you if need be, and return to the parking area to, well, park. You’ll proceed up the road until you see a “greeter” and/or signs and then you’ll be directed either up to the drop-off area. Once there, you may quickly drop your stuff (and anyone who shouldn’t make the approx. 150-ft. uphill walk from the parking area to Baitcon). You will then be directed back down to the parking area to park your car. From there, walk back up to the drop-off area to gather your gear and set off to find space for your tent/etc. No cars will be parked at the top of the mountain other than the designated emergency vehicles (those will have bright placards inside the front/back windows). We reserve the right to do creative things to your car if it is left in the wrong place.

If you are commuting to or from off-site lodging each day and wish to park in an area that makes it easier to retrieve your car at the end of each night, please contact us in advance. We have a very small number of parking spaces that we can use for this purpose, but you must let us know ahead of time. Send email to info at* by June 22nd!

Hobbit has written up a detailed instruction set for how to park at Baitcon.

PLEASE read it and try to make sense of it before you get there. We WILL have folks to help you if you need it, but we will be trying to make the duties of the parking crew as non-onerous as possible, too.


Please plan to depart by 2p. on Monday. If we need help with teardown/clean-up we will make an announcement at brunch that day and make departure arrangements with volunteers.