Baitcon is and always has been primarily a camping event. At the Abode, we’ve got lots of great space for tents – both woods and flat, open areas. If you need help finding a space or setting up your tent, ask for help from those around you or find someone with a badge.


  • Tents are not allowed in the main meadow.  That is the large grassy area bounded by the kitchen, freezing area, bonfire pit, and the upper road.
  • Tents are not allowed anyplace that has been marked off by signs or caution tape.
  • You CANNOT run an extension cord from the main area to your tent or cabin.
  • No smoking or flames of any type are allowed.
  • Please do not keep food in your cabin or tent.


If you need to borrow or could loan out a tent, please post in the DW or FB groups.

REI also rents tents – details at REI’s tent rentals.


The site has a small number of rudimentary cabins and huts, which we assign 1st according to need, and then on a 1st come basis. When you register via the online-form, you can make a request for a cabin if needed.

We’re not kidding about them – approx. 7×8, 4 walls, a floor and a roof, NO power), and something that we suppose should be called a bed, as it holds you off the floor, but that’s about the only reason to call it such.

Offsite Lodging

If you want to get a room and split it with someone, please post in the DW or FB groups.

Here are some other area lodging options:

  • Shaker Mill Farm Inn
    40 Cherry Ln, Canaan
    (518) 794-9345
  • Valley Rest Motel
    776 Route 20, New Lebanon, NY 12125
  • You can also check websites like bbonline.com, expedia.com and others or contact the Columbia County Lodging Association hotline at 800-558-8218

Baitcon is just a 15 minute drive from Pittsfield, MA. There are several lodging options there – a Crown Plaza, Comfort Inn, Travelodge, Ramada Limited, and there are many B&Bs in the area. Hotels near New Lebanon.