Kids’ Ice Cream

Updated for 2024

This year, again, we are not running a kids-ice-cream-making session.

We’re also not intending to do a separate kids running of the flavors. If you feel this is a problem, come find JB and we’ll discuss.

We’ve had very few comments or complaints about it – which is good – but makes us worry that folks didn’t read this news.  

As has been true every year, kids – like all attendees – are welcome to make ice-cream any time.  If help is needed, parents can assist or kids can ask folks (who will be listed here later).  If your child has a particular flavor idea, be sure that they bring the key ingredient for that flavor with them.  You can hit the main ice-cream page for an idea of how much of the flavor ingredient (fruit, chocolate, extract) you’ll need for their batch. We will have provide plenty of cream, sugar, vanilla available for use.

We do reserve the right to limit each kid to 3 pint-size batches each if cream & LN2 supplies are a concern.

If your kid would like their flavor served at a special Sunday afternoon Running-of-the-Kids-Flavors session, it is crucial that their flavor is properly labeled before freezing.

Flavors can be served in the general Running-of-the-Flavors on Saturday night OR at the Running-of-the-Kids-Flavors on Sunday afternoon.  Dividing a flavor in order to have it run at more than one serving is NOT an option this year. Anything labeled for Kids Ice Cream will ONLY be served on Sunday at 3p.

Please be sure to share this information with your kid(s) and/or have them read this page.

Kids Ice Cream Social – Sunday – 3:00 p.m.

We’ll bring out the flavors the kids made, along with some pre-made vanilla and chocolate, sprinkles.  Parents and other adults are welcome to attend that serving but kids get to fill their bowls first.  If you want to be sure you get to taste your kid’s – or anyone’s – ice-cream flavor(s), we highly recommend helping them make or more importantly, freeze it – that allows you to sample their efforts fresh from freezing! 🙂 

Short Q&A about the Kids Ice Cream stuff

  • Why is there no Kids-Ice-Cream-Making session this year?
    No one on BCC was available/willing to run it and there have been some issues in the past years that caused us to feel this was not a good year to try having parents run an official session without an BCC staff member.
  • I’m an attendee who is willing to help, can I run a Kids-Ice-Cream-Making session?

You are welcome to make and/or help anyone make ice cream flavors at any time but we are not setting aside specific space/time/supplies this year.

  • What if my kid wants to have some of their flavor available at the kids-only tasting and some at the Big Saturday or Sunday Night Tasting?
    We are no longer able to offer this as an option. It’s a logistical nightmare.
  • Why isn’t there a kids-only tasting?
    • Lack of available people points.
  • Are kids still allowed to eat ice cream at the standard late-evening tasting?
    Of course!! Attendees of all ages are welcome to taste the flavors on Saturday and Sunday nights!
  • I’m an adult who doesn’t like to stay up late – can I attend the kids-only ice cream tasting on Sunday afternoon?
    No, sorry. That event was truly kids-only and we are defining kids as persons under the age of 14. We have moved the big Saturday-Night-Running-of-the-Flavors to around 9:30 p.m. which is earlier than previous years. We hope that this will help. The ice cream is rarely fully frozen before that time so that is truly the earliest we can schedule the big tasting of all the flavors.