What to Bring

Whether you are a brand-new attendee or a seasoned Baitcon veteran, please review this list & pack accordingly!

Required Items


If you are camping (and most of you are), bring your tent, a tarp for ground cover and/or rain shield.
Remember to seam-seal your tent prior to Baitcon!


Bring your own sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, pillows, air mattress, etc. Whatever you need to sleep in your tent or cabin is what you need to bring.

— IF you are in a cabin you’ll have received a confirmation email by June 19th.  Please note that you CANNOT run power to your tent or cabin. If you need to inflate an air mattress, use a battery-powered pump or plug in up near the dining area to inflate and then carry it back to your tent or cabin.


We recommend layers and checking the weather link a few days before Baitcon. A sweatshirt is a good thing for late nights. A good pair of socks can also be surprisingly useful as can a spare pair when your first pair gets wet.


You’ll need a flashlight to find your way in the dark. The main gathering areas will be lit and we will have solar markers or lightsticks to help you find the bathrooms and the main paths, but for safety’s sake, bring a flashlight to light your way in the night. You may also want a lantern for use in your tent or cabin.


Bring any medication you need, whether it is prescription or OTC. If you have a medical condition that we should know about, please be sure to email us by Jun. 19th or let us know as soon as you arrive.


One or two per person seems to be about right. You’ll want them after your hot shower, frolicking in the pond or drying off after hiking BACK from the pond, or after rain. Or for using as a psuedo-yoga mat. You then want to remember to gather all of the towels you’ve left around the site and bring them back home with you!

Recommended Items


You may want a folding camp chair with you so you’ve got a place to sit. There will be 20 picnic tables (with benches) and some plastic chairs in use for meals, but everywhere else you’ll be sitting on your butt or in your own chair. We recommend putting your name or initials somewhere on your chair so it is easy to identify. We also suggest taking your chair HOME with you again. (You’d be amazed how many people don’t do this bit.)

Rain Gear

While we hope it won’t rain, we haven’t actually mastered the skills to guarantee it, so be prepared. Bring a tarp for your tent at the very least. You may find a rain poncho useful or a spare change of clothes kept in your car or a water-proof bag.

Dishes & Utensils

If you have a mess-set or your own camp dishes that you like, bring them along. The Abode provides basic dishware, cups and silverware for our use but if you prefer your own, bring it. Either way, you will be expected to wash the dishes and utensils that you use after each meal.


Biodegradable soap and shampoo are preferred (Camp Suds or the like). Please bring your own soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush…

Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

… And your preferred brand/type of insect repellent.  We won’t be stocking a con supply. Please, do yourself a favor and apply sunscreen frequently.

Consider Permethrin or Picaridin for keeping ticks away.  See the Mosquitoes, Ticks & Bears page for more details and DO NOT have Permethrin around your cats – apply it once on the mountain & keep cats away from any clothes that might have it on them once you get home.

Safe Sex Supplies

As one of our friendly concom members pointed out, you might need them. 🙂

If you can’t find any, please check the appropriate (labeled) box near the First Aid supplies. We’ll probably have some there.

A Hat

Ice Cream Recipes & Ingredients

We supply the cream and sugar for any flavor you might like to make, but you’ll need to *bring* the flavor ingredients (Or forage for them on site). Visit the ice cream page for more details.

Outdoor Footwear

Sturdy shoes that will give you good support are recommended if you’re going to hike or spend a lot of time in (or trying to find) the stream.


Bring your drum, boffer (you can TOO make music with them!), flute, guitar, serpent, or whatever for jams and enjoyment. Some amount of power is available for amps, but you might be interrupted by other needs. Most of Baitcon is pretty acoustic. 🙂

Telescope/Sky Stuff/Binoculars

If you want to stargaze or nature-gaze beyond the ability of the naked eye.

Yoga Mat

For those interested, there might be yoga practice (for any/all levels of experience & ability) each morning. You can bring your mat or use your towel.

Fun Stuff

Bubbles, poi, juggling cubes/balls, non-toxic fingerpaints, glow necklaces, cards, games, songbooks, drawing/coloring supplies, etc!