Rules & Policies

BCC works hard to provide a safe and fun event, however, you are solely responsible at all times for your own health, safety and behavior and that of any children in your care.

Attendees & staff of all ages are expected to respect the rules & requests of both Baitcon and The Abode. These rules are on our website and your registration is your acknowledgement that you agreed to adhere to and abide by Baitcon’s rules as well as any/all rules posted on-site during the event.   If you do not abide by these rules, you will be asked to leave and may be held liable for your actions.  The Abode may require that you sign an additional waiver of liability when you arrive at Baitcon’s Welcome Tent.

Two rules we need to emphasize:

A.  Do not harass, threaten or otherwise treat anyone in a disrespectful or inappropriate manner. Respect all creatures, nature, structures, property, etc. as well.  Baitcon reserves the right to remove any person(s) causing a disturbance, violating the terms of these rules and our lease, and/or behaving in a threatening, violent, harassing or unreasonable manner.  This applies to everyone and BCC will absolutely act to protect the safety and enjoyment of Baitcon as well as the continuation of our event in future years.  If you see or experience something of concern, please immediately talk to any member of BCC (wearing badges), even if you think someone may have already done so.  Restated here at: Keeping Baitcon Safe

B.  Absolutely NO marking on, drawing on, or altering of structures at the site without the express permission of the Baitcon Executive Committee. This applies particularly to the Sanctuary, the Labyrinth, and other sacred structures.

Not obeying these rules will make you subject to expulsion, and puts all of the current Baitcon – as well as the future of Baitcon – at risk.

Covid Policy

The following items are mandatory for admittance to Baitcon
* You’ve had at least 2 doses of covid vaccine, it’s been at least 2
weeks since your 2nd dose, and you’ve had at least one dose of the
2023-24 vaccine (if you have a medical exception issue, don’t hesitate
to get in touch with us)
* Test at home within 24 hours of arrival
* Test Negative a second time upon arrival: Rapid Antigen Self Test
will be provided in a Test location to be determined
* Masks Mandatory until you complete your negative test and are
cleared to proceed up the mountain and/or set up
* Notify med staff and test if you start to feel ill during the weekend
Masking isn’t required after arrival, but we recognize that some
people might feel more comfortable with extra protection. Indoor areas
— the “living room”, bathrooms, and kitchen — are likely to be spots
where some people may want to mask.
Except: people who have a known exposure (but who are asymptomatic and
testing negative) must wear a mask in shared enclosed spaces.
Refunds will be provided for anyone who tests positive before/at the event.
If you or a family/household member isn’t able to be vaccinated,
please contact med-{this year}
If you have a family member for whom testing is unusually difficult,
please contact med-{this year}

Additional Baitcon Rules

  1. Every child under the age of 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. Parents are responsible for the safety and behavior of their child(ren) at all times. If any member of BCC observes or is made aware of a safety or behavior issue with one of our younger attendees, we will do our best to quickly locate the relevant parent so that he/she can address the issue. Quiet space for calming snuggles or time-outs can be arranged by request.
  2. We welcome newcomers as long as you received this invite directly from us or a previous attendee and contact us BEFORE you register and your previous-attendee friend will also be attending Baitcon.
  3. Absolutely NO candles, tiki torches, campfires, campstoves, fires, or flames near, in, or around your tent/cabin or open campground areas. The Abode’s mountain sanctuary building was destroyed by fire when someone left a candle unattended, thus we ask that you honor this condition of our lease. There WILL be a bonfire each evening in the firepit near the dining area. BCC may put up tiki torches and citronella candles in the main gathering areas as those have been ok’d by the Abode and will be supervised by BCC.
  4. Absolutely NO marking on, drawing on, or altering of structures at the site without the express permission of the Baitcon Executive Committee. This applies particularly to the Sanctuary, the Labyrinth, and other sacred structures.
  5. Avoid storing food in your tent or cabin.
  6. Do not block the cars with EMERGENCY VEHICLE placards on the dash or back window.
  7. If you aren’t working on meal prep, please stay out of the kitchen. Some kitchen time will be provided (with times posted) for those who need a stove to make their Ice Cream flavor.
  8. All children under 18 must be supervised by a parent or guardian if swimming in the pond.
  9. NO non-human pets. The *only* exceptions to this rule are guide-animals. If you rely on a guide-animal to help you function, please let us know in advance and please be sure to respect other attendees potential allergies, have your animal pee/poop in areas far away from the festivities and clean up after them.
  10. NO smoking.
  11. NO guns or other weapons allowed. No threatening behavior, action or speech allowed.
  12. NO playing with the generators or the power by anyone other than BCC.
  13. Do not damage or alter any of the mountain campground structures.
  14. NO nudity in or near the kitchen, food serving areas, LN2 and ice cream making areas.
  15. No selling of items or services. Those performing at Baitcon are allowed to sell performance-related merchandise such as CDs. This is the only exception to this rule. If you have questions, please see JB or corwin.
  16. NO use or playing with the LN2 or the dewers except in the presence of designated members of the ice cream freezing crew.
  17. This is a private event. If you show up at the event without having registered and paid in advance, we may deny you admittance to the event. This has never happened and we doubt that it ever will, but any and all attendees must be known to a host or current attendee, must not be a threat to anyone else at the event and must behave in a respectful and safe manner at all times.
  18. Baitcon does not serve alcohol. If you are of legal drinking age and you decide to bring a small amount of alcohol for personal use, please drink responsibly. Baitcon is not an event where it’s acceptable to get obnoxiously drunk.
  19. Avoid psychodrama. If psychodrama develops, please contain it to a private area so that it does not spoil the ice cream for others. There are MANY acres of forest for you to go wander around while you cool off.
  20. Baitcon happens rain or shine. We don’t give refunds for bad weather.
  21. By registering for Baitcon, you agree to be completely responsible and fully liable for your actions, health, safety, behavior and fun.  You agree to respect Baitcon, JB, Kimberly, BCC and the Abode of the Message as well as all property, lands, people, animals and ice cream and do no harm to anyone or anything.

If you do not abide by these rules, you will be asked to leave and may be held liable for your actions.

(At the base of it all, many of these rules are expansions of Wheaton’s Law.)

Lost & Found

You are responsible for yourself and your stuff at Baitcon

If you discover that you’ve left or lost something important on the  mountain, you can let us know by emailing info at baitcon dot org*.   You can also call or text one of us. But we cannot and do not guarantee that we will receive the message, or that we’ll be able to retrieve your item, or that we’ll have space in our cars to haul your item off the mountain.  You are responsible for your own stuff, do not count on us for this.

Anything we do find & decide to haul down the mountain will be listed on this page and on the Baitcon DW and/or FB by the end of August.  You’ll have 30 days to claim it & make arrangements to come get it or have it mailed to you.  After that, it will no longer be stored here and likely will be given away.