1 Week to Baitcon!

Tomorrow marks just one more week til Baitcon 24 begins!!  So it is time for the annual info post/email.  Be sure that everyone coming with you has registered and shared any relevant dietary or medical allergy info with us!  Registration closes on Tuesday, June 25th.

Whether you are new to Baitcon or a seasoned attendee, please be sure you review the information listed on these pages before you arrive at Baitcon:

What to Bring

Mosquitos, Ticks and (no) Bears, Oh My! and Take Tick Prevention Seriously 


You are welcome to arrive any time after 2p. on Friday.  Here is some important Arrivals & Parking Information as well as Directions to Baitcon.

The Abode has requested a signed waiver of liability from all attendees.  We will have these at the Welcome tent and you’ll be asked to read & sign one when you arrive.  We’ll also ask you to sign the Baitcon Book – but that is just because we want to have an accurate headcount and read your awesome & witty comments.

Do you need a ride to/from Baitcon? Can you provide one? Please visit the   Rideboard

Want to figure out what is likely to be served for meals & snacks?  Here is a link to the tentative Menu.  If you’ve shared allergy info with us, please know that we will be sure there are food choices that work for you at each meal.  If you need to share dietary allergy info with us and haven’t yet, please be sure to do that by Sunday June 23rd before we start our shopping & prep.

Planning to make some ice cream? We sure hope so!  You can visit the Pre-Con Ice Cream Advice page if you need some pointers or the Flavor List from previous years if you want/need inspiration.

Wondering what sort of fun can be had at Baitcon?  Well, as we’ve long said, Baitcon is what YOU make it.  The site is wonderful and there will be more than 100 awesome folks of all ages around to help make all kinds of Merriment

Parents and kids should check out Kids-at-Baitcon and Kids-Ice-Cream and be sure you’re read about and prepared your kid for these changes to the way Kids Ice Cream will be served this year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email to info dash 2013 at baitcon dot org ASAP.  We’ll be reading&replying to email through Tuesday the 25th but after that we can’t guarantee a response as we’ll be rolling towards the mountain.

See you soon!