In Memoriam

To the best of my knowledge, 25 past Baitcon attendees are now dead. This sucks. They are missed by all and we feel we should acknowledge them here…

  • Stacey Davies
  • Mike Rubin
  • Donald “Gaston” Snow
  • Tammad Rimilia
  • Tova Pechenick
  • Jo Ogawa
  • Tia Cultir (formerly Sheri Kaplowitz)
  • Aries DiStefano
  • Heidi Cassidy Galvin
  • Alice “Badger” Washburn
  • Kara Grey
  • Ruth Drexler
  • “Radioactive” Rich Macchi
  • Lisa Bowes Brennan
  • Wil Howitt
  • Vonnie Carts-Powell
  • Stephanie Clarkson
  • Judy “Mom” Segal
  • Myriam “Velvetine” Abramson
  • Keith Marshall
  • Angus Laidlaw
  • David Mantel
  • Dave Caswell
  • I Abra “Abby” Cinii
  • Sarah Tedford

Rest in peace, all.

The rest of you, please stay alive & healthy & well, and tell your people you love them today.