A Note on baitcon.org Email Addresses

Spammers suck. We all know this. Unfortunately, their suckfulness has necessitated a change to most of the Baitcon email addresses.

As of early 2007, all generic addresses – info, rsvp, medical,
icecream, etc etc etc – have been killed and have been replaced with the same word with “-{current year}” appended to it. Last year that was ‘-2015′, of course.

(as an obsolete example, when a page says ’send mail to info@baitcon.org’, do NOT send mail to ‘info@baitcon.org’ – a few years ago you would’ve sent mail to ‘info-2010′ (not ‘info-{2010}’, either). )

I’m not going to change the text of the pages, of course. That would defeat the whole purpose.

I hate that this is necessary, but there it is.

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